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[Thehistoryofwhoo] Cheongidan Nutritive Essential Ampoule Concentrate 30ml

[Thehistoryofwhoo] Cheongidan Nutritive Essential Ampoule Concentrate 30ml

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One drop to nourish and soften Body fluid transports nutrients and moisture to the skin. Once fluid loss occurs, the skin will become dry and dull, and wrinkles will appear. The intensely hydrating and nourishing Nutritive Essential Ampoule Concentrate Contains CheonGiBiDan (concocted based on an esoteric court formula used in ancient Korea), and GyeongOkBiDan (made from ginseng, wild rock honey , poria cocos, rehmannia glutinosa and other medicinal herbs after 100 hours of boiling). Precious yellow wax propolis (extracted using the wine soaking method) was prized in ancient royal courts to treat blemished and lack-lustre skin. The highly-concentrated ampoule is quickly absorbed upon application, flooding the skin with intense moisture and nourishment. Skin appears refined and full of radiance.

How to use

Use every morning & night after the balancer. Apply from the center of the face and working outward according to skin texture. Applying from the bottom of neck & cheeks and upward, gently massage the entire face for deeper absorption.

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