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[Innisfree] Powerproof Pen Liner - No 1. Black 0.6g

[Innisfree] Powerproof Pen Liner - No 1. Black 0.6g

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1. Long lasting makeup with a strong powerproof formula The powerproof formula is resistant to water, sweat and sebum, keeping your eye makeup fresh for longer.  2. Intensely pigmented color The color stays vivid from opening to the last moment of makeup.  3. Quick & easy cleansing Allows gentle cleansing without leaving smudges around the eyes. What else you need to know 1. Easy variation control of thickness by resilient sponge tip!  2. High resilience sponge tip provides versatility of rendering and creating thick or thin eyeliner at a single sweep!  3. Recommended for customers who enjoy the diversity in eyeliner styles!

How to use

How To Use

1. Hold the eyeliner lightly as if handling a pen.  2. Lift the eyelid with the other hand and draw the eyeliner by filling in closely to the waterline.  3. After use, close the cap until you hear a clicking sound.  *Tips  1. In case the eyeshadow sticks to the brush, gently wipe off with a tissue.  2. After use, keep the brush heading downwards to enjoy high pigmented eyeliner for a long time. 3. If the content does not discharge smoothly, shake 3-4 times before use.

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